A Color Test That Can Tell Your Mental Age

Basically, there are 3 main ages that distinguish people: the first is the most basic, how many years a person has lived, the second is biological, here the state of health is assessed, how well a person feels, and the third age is psychological, it is also called mental, here qualities such as intellectual development are already being evaluated. Many may think that the age in all three cases should be the same, but often this is not the case, according to statistics, most people have different ages.

It turns out that people’s perception of color depends on age. For example, the same red color in young years seems completely different than in mature years. Let’s try to determine how old you are based on this data.

Take the test and find out what your psychological age is at the moment. Points are calculated automatically, you only need to choose the answers that you think are correct.

So what’s your mental age? How close is it to your real age? Tell us in the comments.