Realistic tattoos – selection of beautiful photos

Realistic tattoos

In the gallery on this page tattoos, made in the style of tattoo realism. Their characteristic feature is that they look as realistic as possible. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s only a drawing on the skin.

Realistic tattoos – photo of the best works from leading artists

Similar work once again emphasizes the statement that the tattoo has already become a kind of art form.

The history of the style

The style of realistic tattoos appeared presumably in the 19th century. The most common and true version, which describes the birth of the style is the story, claiming that the ancestor of this direction was one of the professors.

Supposedly he was doing a study of tattoos and has assembled a collection of images of famous people:

  • Napoleon;
  • Bismarck;
  • and many others.

Then the wizard and began to put on human bodies picture, which is similar to a real portrait. Or any object. Sometimes looking at a tattoo, the impression that you’re watching a real person, not just an image.

Realistic tattoos are the highest level of skill

This type of tattoo requires the highest level of qualification. Since the area involves the most accurate reproduction of all details. One incorrectly set point is able to lubricate the overall impression of the picture.

Please note! This direction is considered to be one of the most difficult of all. Moreover, patterning requires a lot of time. But because these tattoos cost a substantial amount.

Besides, there are certain challenges. For example, to create a sketch – no problem, but when it is transferred to the skin, there are certain difficulties, because the structure of the skin, unlike a sheet of paper, means there are some irregularities. In addition, realistic tattoos are often large, because it is possible to accurately convey all the details that provide realism.

If to speak about topics such images, the most popular are the following images:

  • portraits of famous people;
  • portraits of close people;
  • the characters of movies, books, computer games;
  • etc.

Also popular are pictures of space, animals, plants, landscapes. For example, cat owners can ask the master to put on forearm image your pet.

In principle, any restrictions in this style in fact. Most importantly, the master was qualified and able to work in the direction of “Realistic Tattoos”.