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Water tattoos

Brief meaning tattoo water

Tattoo with the image of water means mystery, life and death, change, purity, baptism, ability to adapt to the circumstances relevant to the Maritime profession, calm, serenity, enlightenment, spiritual loss, protection from envy and evil thoughts, an inclination to self-development, belief in fate, the variability of nature.

Turtle and water tattoo

Meaning tattoo water

Water is an indispensable symbol of life. No living thing on earth is not able to live without her. Most of the planet is occupied by water bodies, and even the human body is mostly water. That’s why this phenomenon is so common in tattoo art.

In the water there is a certain mystery: giving life to man, she can pull him into the abyss. Water rules over the element of fire, but a tsunami can carry destruction. Such contradictions and constitute the meaning of water. In addition, the highly symbolic is its ability to take any form depending on the capacity in which it is located.

Ocean tattoo

In some cases, the tattoo with the image of the water is quite clear, but sometimes, on the contrary, look rather mysterious, so I understand the whole underlying meaning is impossible.

Drawing on his body in various water symbols dictated by different purposes. Someone wants to emphasize its water interests or profession, and someone chooses tattoos for a special expression of self. The image of water, in General, represents peace, tranquility, and enlightenment.

Beach water tattoo

Tattoos, in which water is the center of the plot, was applied on the body since ancient times, however, are still popular today. So, water dragon protects the streams and rivers. In Asia, often depicted also on the body of the wave.

Water by its nature embodies life movement, change of events and purity. Most cultures in their legends claim that the origin of the world is directly related to water. Cleansing properties of water contributed to the fact that she has become identified with the rite of baptism, the deliverance of the people from their sins, encouraging them to new achievements.

Wave tattoo

The fact that water is able to overcome on its way any obstacles, in the world of tattoos, gives it the value of wisdom, the mind, the ability to get out of any difficult situation, contemplation.

Special meaning is drawings made in the form of such water elements such as rain, dew, wave. These developments sent to earth from heaven.

Tattoo water

So rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, intelligence, and health, descended from above.

Also says a lot about the person the tattoo with the image of dew. Morning drops on the grass – a sign of the coming of a new day and enlightenment. Rosa embodies an unprecedented purity. Her portrayal of the human body says about success in all endeavors of its owner. Such a person will prefer a peaceful outcome of every showdown. However, Rosa can also point to the loss and mental trauma in the life of man.

Water tattoo girl

As for the image of the waves, it is a talisman, protecting its wearer from foolish thoughts, aggression, envy, is a symbol of the self, faith in fate, the changeability of nature.

Waterfall tattoo