Tattoo triangle

triangle tattoo

The growing popularity of minimalist directions in the visual arts leads to the emergence of new types of tattoos. People are increasingly abandoning complex compositions, rich in details, forms, and volumes, preferring rather simple shapes. Because sometimes, using a wearable work of only one sign, it is possible to Express and to Express more than having on the body of the whole epic. That is why in recent years has become the popular tattoo simple triangle.

Magical meaning tattoo

The triangle was chosen as a wearable image for a reason. This is one of the oldest symbols on earth, found in every ancient civilization and modern cultures.

In various esoteric Sciences and the teachings of the religious meaning and magical power of this geometric shape is interpreted in different ways, but no one ever doubted that it is a powerful sacred sign, which can serve man as a mascot and talisman, to instruct him on the right path and develop hidden abilities.

In Christian teachings, the triangle represents the Trinity (the relationship of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit); in Masonic circles, the triangle is the connection between Time, Darkness and Light; in Buddhism, the triangle indicates determination and strength.

Men and women also have different understandings of this symbol: for girls, the triangle associated with the cyclical nature of life (Youth, Maternity, Old Age); men associate the significance of the figure of personal characteristics (Strength – Wisdom – Beauty).

Important! A triangle does not always indicate the same, therefore, causing the body of such a figure, the person needs to determine for itself exactly how it should be interpreted as a tattoo, and what meaning he puts in this figure.

The image with the triangle

There are several options for the design of the tattoo. Depending on the customer body image can be extremely simple or have a specific artistic design.

All kinds of the tattoo with the triangle can be divided into the following groups:

  1. a simple triangle (the tattoo is presented in the form of a geometric figure, without extra registration);
  2. a composition consisting of several geometric shapes (triangle, inscribed in a circle or square, or geometric figures inscribed in a triangle);
  3. pattern located inside the triangle (small images – animals, plants, esoteric symbols, patterns and designs set within a geometric shape);
  4. three-dimensional triangle (a geometric figure is applied to the body in three dimensions, often supplemented by other objects: animals, plants, ornaments).

Important! When you select tattoo triangle it is important to remember that any additional detail in the image can change the meaning of the sacred, enclosed in a geometric figure. So before applying the tattoo, you should carefully check the meaning of the symbols in reliable sources (encyclopedias of esoteric, religious theological books).

The color of the tattoo

Tattoo image with a triangle drawn on the body can be made in black and white color. This version of the design suitable for simple designs, featuring a simple composition, using black will achieve their expressiveness and graphics quality.

Triangles are part of a geometric composition, can be applied to the body using a few shades. The most popular combination of colors is red + blue + black. The use of multiple colors will highlight each figure in the tattoo, so the pattern will look interesting and easy to grasp.

Volumetric triangles with different images can be performed in monochrome, and use a rich palette of colors. From an artistic point of view, such a tattoo will be original and beneficial to look at both cases.

The picture location on the body

Depending on the size and composition of the tattoo images with a triangle, there are a lot of variants of its placing on the body. It is important to remember that the tattoo, first of all, it carries sacred meaning, therefore, to determine where on the body should be approached thoughtfully.

Large volume image can be placed on the back, breast, side body, beautiful and harmonious these tattoos look great on the shoulders and wrists. Small-scale drawings can be placed on the wrist, palm, ankle. If the tattoo plays a protective role, it is not a better place in the most open places: on the back of the neck, on the inner side of the shoulder or wrist.

We should also mention the pair the location of the tattoo triangle. Nice and original look these images simultaneously on the right and left hand. However, one triangle may be placed in one part of the picture, and the second its continuation. When combining hand painting is solid and tells a story.

Also paired tattoo with the triangle can do the lovers: the young man and the girl have the same image on the same hand, which symbolizes their Union, harmony and common purpose and Outlook on life.

Tattoo drawing with a triangle – this is quite a young trend, which, however, every year gaining new fans. Deciding to make this tattoo, you should not hesitate, because this ancient and powerful symbol will be the right defender against the evil of rock and misery, and will also serve as a good reminder about the high goals and objectives set by man.