Tattoo Dreamcatcher – meaning and original ideas

Dreamcatcher tattoo

Every culture and people of the world have contributed to the development of the tattoo industry. Many symbols, signs, creatures will always have a place in the category of the wearable pattern. Each of the elements plays hard objects or creatures from life, but also conveys a deeper meaning, perception is reality and the individual characteristics of the owner. One such symbol is the “catcher”.

Dream catcher on hand

The origin of the amulet

Tattoo Dreamcatcher has a huge history, which is full of cryptic symbols and legends.

It’s fun!
“Dreamcatcher” is the amulet, which appeared in the Indian culture tribe Anishinaabe. The legend, the people of America believed that sleep their babies protect the spider that appears at night and builds a web around the cradle. This way, it saves the mind of a little child from the penetration of negativity and bad dreams. This belief has led to the creation of the amulet “Dreamcatcher”. Women have tried to create a symbol that would embody the spider. For the manufacture of such mesh used only natural materials.

Tattoo Dreamcatcher color against the sky

The use of the amulet

“Dreamcatcher” was manufactured in the form of a wooden circle inside the private network, which is similar to the web. Network weaving with wool yarn. On the sides of the articles were hung with feathers. In the Central part of the amulet was located aperture through which the good dreams into the mind of a sleeping baby. While negative dreams remained on the threads of the amulet.

Feathers originally served as toys, which distracts the baby. Although these components of a “dream catcher” have a much deeper meaning. Feathers are the symbol of air, and breathing that is the basic components of life.

Weak shaking of feathers proves that the person sees a quiet good night. There is as a woman’s amulet, and men’s.

For the female “dream catcher” it is the feathers of the owl that symbolize wisdom and intelligence. The male version includes the feathers of the eagle. Eagle – a symbol of courage, fearlessness, courage.

Sometimes special attention was paid to the number of points that touch the circle. The optimum was considered to be eight pieces, which corresponds to the number of limbs in the spider.

Sometimes the amulet was adorned with precious stones. One stone symbolizes the human life. Also placed the four stones. In this case, jewels were associated with the four extreme points — North, South, West, East.

In our time, to wear the amulet the Dreamcatcher is not very convenient, so the tattoo with the image of the mascot will be the best option.

Common tattoo Dreamcatcher

The reasons for choosing the tattoo

To become the owner of the tattoo Dreamcatcher sketches don’t have to have Indian roots. Although initially, the amulet consisted only of a wooden circle, feathers, and threads, in the process of developing the sketch, there are a variety of ideas that surprise with originality and creativity.

Most often tattoo chooses from the following reasons:

  • the desire to feel protected from the negative effects of the evil eye;
  • the desire to only receive positive energy from others;
  • doom good night, protection from nightmares, sleep disorders;
  • to achieve unity with the forces of nature;
  • to Express a personal interest, respect for ancient traditions.

Tattoo dream catcher with Lotus

Meaning tattoo

Given the history of the amulet, tattoo Dreamcatcher meaning becomes absolutely clear. This wearable design is a talisman of the man, gives freedom to the owner, but also symbolizes the admiration for ancient cultures.


I chose the sketch almost immediately. You could say, fell in love with the tattoo at first glance. Tattoo decided to get on feet. Who has experience, knows the area quite sensitive. But as a result, I became the owner of an elegant tattoo. Some time had problems with the shoes, but the desire to be beautiful.

Tattoo on leg in the form of a dream catcher

A place for the tattoo

To tattoo a dream catcher, a photo conveys all the variety of possible locations and design, producing a maximum impact, as well as cope with their tasks, you must place it closer to the head. This area can become a part of the forearm, and neck. Sometimes it is enough to know that talisman with you. Then regardless of the location of the wearable pattern, the owner feels comfortable.

Girls often prefer to land on her back. The tattoo here is quite large, given the large area of the picture.

Popularity and area of the ribs. Although the plot is not so big, you can also put pictures of interesting design and composition. Sometimes using a personal approach and creative solution, completely new forms of tattooing. For example, the horseshoe instead of the wooden circle symbolizes the desire to catch the luck and to protect from negative influence.

There is no use a specific color of ink. Tattoos can be made in black-and-white and color tones.

Temporary tattoo henna Dreamcatcher

In the area of the forearm tattoo looks bright and original. Special attention is paid to the combination of tattoo Dreamcatcher with floral ornaments. A beautiful and elegant look of roses.

The compact and neat tattoo can be located on the wrist or foot.

Pay special attention to the types of feathers. Each feather has its own individual value. And when the feather scatters a flock of birds, emphasizes the depth of meaning of a tattoo.

A few traps for dreams in one tattoo


I always think long about where to place the tattoo. Indeed, it should take into account the condition and features of the figure. But thanks to the professional artists, these problems are not problems. The tattoo parlor will advise, select, explain. So before you decide on tattooing, consult with a professional.