Tattoo the sun

Tattoo the sun

The symbols that represent the heavenly bodies or the forces of nature, circulated sketches of the production of drawings. Special attention should be paid to the main star – the Sun. This drawing is done as a single or with other elements. The sun as a way for the production of drawings was popular in ancient times. This is not surprising…

History of origin of tattoo luminaries

All cultures and religions paid tribute to the deity who represents the sun. Not overlooked and Sunny circle, which became the object of worship. The sun is the main source giving light and protection from the cold and the life. So the people at all times revered the sun and brought all kinds of sacrifices. In modern cultures, there is also space for sun-worshippers. Tattoo sun takes pride of place amongst the production of drawings with the image of stars and cosmic bodies.

The sun in the religions and cultures of the world

  • Primitive people

The sun as a body figure allocated to the category of ancient symbols. Image luminaries were present in the drawings of primitive people.

It is important! Star takes the main place among other deities in the spiritual system.

In the mythologies of all peoples, there are stories about the appearance and movement of the sun, its effects on all living things.

  • Egypt

The ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun as the Supreme deity took away his main place in the Pantheon of the gods. Symbolized the sun God, the dominant Egyptian religion — RA. This deity was the protector of the pharaohs.

It’s fun! The God RA as the Supreme deity of the Pantheon is characterized by the ability of omniscience and omnipotence.

  • Kievan Rus

In Russia, the sun was revered as the embodiment of a sharpness of mind and a symbol of power. Slavs often conveyed the image of a solar deity (God horse) in the form of a mighty rider with Golden curls that moved across the sky in a Golden Chariot.

  • The ancient Celts

In Celtic beliefs, the sun is a symbol of eternal life, immortality, and harmony of heaven and earth. Images of the sun the Celts differ from figures in other religions and cultures. The Celtic sun is a luminary woven from knots, surrounded by fiery tongues. Solar circle as an element present in the tattoo category Celtic cross in the center of the image.

  • The Aztecs

Tribes of the Aztecs identified with the sun pure of soul, lofty sentiments, freedom and power of nature. The tattoo was applied only to the main chiefs.

  • Japan

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun. Japanese culture is the main light as the goddess Amaterasu, who is the patroness of women and snakes, and also has the sunsets and the sunrises.

Other peoples and cultures

In the Christian religion, the sun represents the main divine image – God and the Son of God. In addition, the sun is God’s Word made flesh, the giver of life righteous people and immortality. Thus, the image expresses a truth, enlightenment, and sublimity.

  • The Jews identify the sun with God’s will and omnipotence.
  • The Greeks perceived and revered the sun as the all-seeing eye of the chief deity of the spiritual Pantheon of Zeus.
  • The tribes of Maori perceived the Sun and moon as eyes of heaven.
  • Ancient tribes of Indians worshiped the sun as the main heart of the sky.

Choosing a tattoo is the sun, the value should be carefully considered, not missing the slightest detail.

The sun and the moon

Important! The sun as the source of life and light of all peoples perceived and revered as a symbol of men. The moon is the embodiment of the feminine.

Often these symbols are combined and thus the sun tattoo sketches convey the harmony and unity of male and female.

Shining in black reveals the essence of man. This image is typical for members of the right associations. As well as representatives neopaganism and ariosophy. The sun in dark colors called space center or the center of the Universe. Later this symbol was chosen to identify the Nazis and those who professed neopaganism.

Astrologers claim that the Sun is the source of life, accumulating positive energy and warmth.


I have a tattoo with the image of the sun and the moon. Steam tattoo. Before you decide on going to the salon, long weighed the pros and cons, consulted with friends who had a similar experience. The tattoo for 4 years. And I’m not a single second regretted doing this. And the image is not quite standard. We must pay tribute to the master, who has brought novelty and stylized pattern.

The features of the image of the sun. Sunrise or sunset

In addition to the colors, shapes sun, tattoo sun photos shown may differ by location in the sky.

The sun, which portrayed the rising, always correlated with the beginning of life, birth, best sometimes. While a setting sun acts as a symbol of death and decay.

Tattoo the sun among prison tattoos

The man who bears on his body the image of the sun demonstrates his authority and supremacy over other prisoners. Often such influence he received in juvenile hall. Also, this character Packed prisoners seeking freedom.

The composition with the sun

Common sun tattoo, sketches, which include not only light but also other elements. In this case, the sun can be decorated with various ornaments. Besides, the sun symbol can be transmitted as image color, which is perceived as the epitome of the main star. This is the Lotus, the sunflower, chrysanthemum, and others. According to the ideas of the ancients, the sun is sometimes associated with animals and birds, which possess strength and power. For example, eagle, lion, serpent, dragon.

Tattoo the sun has the positive characteristics is the accent light of the human soul, positive energy, and prudence.


Hello. Decided to share my experience in the field of tattoos. I unlike many people who “dare” to make a tattoo without a moment’s thought. Did it without thinking whether it is at all. But the result I am absolutely not upset. The tattoo turned out neat, high quality and bright, with deep meaning. Yes, and it is located in a secluded place, where no one would notice. My drawing is on the back under the hair. Suggest that to consider the best option of tattooing. Thus, it will give you only pleasure and self-confidence.