Skull Tattoo – Designs and Meaning Tattoo Skull

Skull tattoo

Skull tattoo is one of the most popular ideas for tattoos. Tattoo skull has many interpretations and meanings and popular among men and women around the world. In this dark and mournful character lies a deep meaning that makes people choose a skull for the story tattoo.

Meaning tattoo skull

Since ancient times, the skull symbolized death, decay, impermanence and the passage of time. In ancient times people were close to nature and observed that everything dies and is born again. Winter follows summer, time goes in a circle, and in spite of death in the world continues life. It is a process that is cyclical and not dying most of the people investing in the skull tattoo.

In any culture, in any era, people were looking for answers to eternal questions. They tried to look over the edge, to touch the mysteries and understand the unknown.

In the Christian tradition, the skull means the forgiveness, the redemption of mankind.

Often the tattoo of the skull complementary colors for contrast, reminding ourselves that life and its flowering are not eternal and we need to appreciate every day.

In the tradition of the native American and the biker subculture, the skull is a charm against danger and destruction.

Mexican tattoo with the skull

Mexican tattoo with skulls favorite subject for tattoo designs around the world. They are distinguished by their brightness and are similar in style ethnic patterns.

Small tattoo with the skull

It is worth noting that not everyone is ready for the large tattoo of a skull. If you like the meaning of the skull tattoo, you can choose the thumbnail small size.

Tattoo of the skull of animals and birds

Skulls of animals and birds in all periods of history were considered talismans and were endowed with magic power. Tattoo with the skull of the animal can be a mascot.

Skull tattoo – skull Tattoo for men

In most men, the skull tattoo is associated with biker tradition of complete freedom, a belief in destiny and their own strength. These tattoos give faith in yourself, courage and strength. Tattoo with a skull reminds the man about his true purpose, that allotted time, he must live with meaning.

Skull tattoo – Female skull tattoo

Skull choose brave and risky girls. Not every girl is ready to do a large tattoo of the grim aesthetics. But today the scope between male and female subjects lose their relevance. If just a decade ago, tattoo skull could be found, except that women bikers or rock stars, today this figure is close to many. Instead of brutal grim sketches of a modern girl might also prefer minimalist delicate subjects.

Skull Tattoo Design