Polynesian tattoo

Polynesian tattoo

One category of tattoos that are very popular in our time is the Polynesian tattoo. These pictures are bright and visible in the distance. But the distinctive feature of these images is not only the brightness and originality of the picture but also a deeper meaning. The Polynesian tattoo will make you feel the strength and power of a native Polynesian. Despite the popularity of tattoos, the style of the picture for many people remains new.

The origin of the Polynesian tattoo style

The Polynesian Islands consist of a group of Islands located in the Pacific ocean. Most famous among them are Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Hawaii, Easter Island. Every person these Islands are associated with the exotic. It was here, on these fertile lands, originated not only an original method of painting, but also the very notion of a tattoo. The word is derived from “TA” – painting and “Ho” spirit.

Legend has it that the Polynesian God Tiki taught people to put pictures in the body.

For the Polynesians, wearable drawings were not the easy way to decorate yourself. Tattoo demonstrated human occupation, his status among the other inhabitants of the island, as well as the individual characteristics and quality. On the Islands, the number of tattoos matches the place that the person occupies in society. Modern tattoos do not show social status but convey the atmosphere of Polynesia and the character of the people.

The original design

Polynesian tattoo sketches consist of complex patterns and intricate shapes. Line drawing meander or direct deposited, therefore, constitute a separate song or image. This can be geometrical shapes, elements, animals, space, and other bodies. Each element of such a picture has its own value.

Important! The right to put pictures in the body of a man had only the priests. Because this process was not easy body adornment, but a mysterious ritual that could be equated with the act of initiation.

The traditions of the Polynesians

Application of tattoos as the image itself on a Polynesian island was an important ritual. The artist who drew the tattoo was a priest, for the work necessarily receive gifts and what more valuable, the respect of the whole society. Since the process of tattooing was long, in the priest’s house long live those who wished to obtain the body figure and deserved it. The client prayed constantly.

It’s fun! For printing was used fish bones, thorns of plants and other items.

A large number of large tattoos could be only the leaders and their close aides. For others, it was much easier. Women were tattooed on the lips to protect them from aging.


I’m crazy about Polynesian tattoos. And he is the owner thereof. This picture looks elegant, it is not trivial and always attracts attention. In addition, this tattoo acts as a kind of totem and gives confidence and power.

Polynesian tattoos: the variety of patterns

The process of drawing, as the image itself, has many variants that have developed traditionally. Technique Moko was different from the known techniques of prick image. For its implementation used a chisel for receiving cut wounds.

Such drawings are preferred in Maori, other inhabitants of the Polynesian Islands were more traditional. Also, Maori are known for their motifs of tattoos: PU-kauae (patterns in the form of a spiral on the chin), the Pai-Pai (spiral ornaments on the cheeks) and others. These drawings defined the status of the Samoan.

Polynesian tattoo sketches are different from other products of drawings, his sharp lines, and shapes. This tattoo is very similar to the carving on the tree, creating the effect of three-dimensional images. Elements in tattoos are used quite diverse, ranging from spirals and lines to the images of the animal world.

It is the richness of the flora and fauna of Polynesia became a source for the production of drawings, in the form of a turtle, fish, moon, stars, fern and other characters. Images and further details are placed on the body symmetrically. This gives a special uniqueness and charm wearable pattern.

The meaning of tattoos

Polynesian tattoo photo in free access in the network and in the catalogs of tattoo parlors. These drawings can tell a lot about its owner. Their characters are deep enough and emphasize the main traits of the person. Often, the tattoo can illustrate the credo of a man, a farewell, a kind of totem and a talisman.

Modern lovers underwear painting, choosing Polynesian tattoos, their significance is often missed and apply a picture as a decorating element of the image:

  • The shark symbolizes the omnipotence, the power, and strength of purpose. Because the shark is perceived as a sacred animal with the power and fearlessness. This pattern is designed to protect the wearer.
  • Tiki is a popular symbol depicting Polynesian masks. These drawings protect the wearer against external threats, but also from evil spirits. The eyes on the mask look in different directions, which symbolizes care and protection.
  • Turtle – longevity, fertility. This figure acts as a symbol of family and protection.
  • The moon – female version of the Polynesian tattoo. Because the Moon has become a symbol of femininity, of the feminine and abundance.
  • The sun, like other tattoos, embodies the eternity and life. The combination of the two luminaries – the moon and the Sun focuses on the fact that the impossible is possible.
  • Lizards, geckos, a symbol of supernatural power.


Everyone before you get the tattoo thought about the advisability of the act. I am no exception. So still deciding, chose the category of tattoos that best expressed my personality and admiration for the art of wearable paintings. Who also was not identified, advise you to consider this category as an option.