Music tattoo

Who are we without music? Music makes our life brighter and more joyful, filled with colors and sets the necessary vector to each day of our lives. It is capable of the thoughts to move us in the happiest or the saddest moments of life, they are having a huge impact on who we are and what we represent. And our favorite music is part of our way as individuals, deserve to stay with us for a long time. Musical tattoos, the meaning of which is quite simple, but still to be discussed – the topic of this section.

What is applied to your body, and what better to abstain?

People’s tastes change, and nobody is an exception: it is difficult to imagine a person who all his life dressed the same, looked the same and listened to the same music. Music is our mood, passed on to the melody. Often, when we are sad, sad songs are a special response in our soul, in the joyful day, sometimes, do not want to hear anything sad and heavy.

But there is a kind of music that stays with us forever: songs associated with certain people or events in life, as well as immortal classics. If you choose music tattoo sketches which have already chosen you, this is something you would like to see for yourself then we do not dissuade you. But think: and that if the line from the song you chose in order to live her life?

Music together: the idea for couple tattoo

If you decided to connect his life with one person and decided to make steam a tattoo, then think about the music! Surely you have some sort of song associated with a loved one, whether it’s just Association or something of your total history: music first slow dance, and maybe some particular song played in the club where you met? Everything can be! This would be a great idea for a tattoo, it is better to do it in the same places. And if your “song” was not music and you met at a club get-together or concert of classical music, you can get a tattoo with the name of the track or song.

Idea: make the tattoo a steam room so that one of the partners is the beginning of the sentence, and the other end. However, it is necessary to choose a phrase that logically would be when you are alone.

Tip: if you don’t want to choose a line from a favorite song for the tattoo, you can take the first note and apply them to the body. It will look very original and mysterious! But be prepared for the fact that you have to explain to friends what the notes mean.

Music tattoo fan image favorite bands on the body

Do you like any of the groups so much to apply on your body image of its logo or a portrait of the musicians? Such getting! Musical tattoos, pictures of which can be seen in any catalog from the master, contain not only lyrics but also the names of the various groups. If you have decided on a tattoo, get creative: don’t have to do the band’s logo is their signature font, much more interesting, for example, inspired by the cover of their album.


At the Institute, I was a big fan of heavy music and decided to make the portraits of all my favorite singers: so was born the idea of my tattoo in my back. I’m still in the process of finalizing tattoos: permanently added to sketch something new, change, tinted. Only one regret – that I this beauty is not visible. It would be my will, would have made her my girlfriend and admired!))

Important! Despite the fact that you can like the group itself, you may not like their logo or album art. In this case, it is recommended alone or in combination with the master to come up with a sketch that would have associated you with selected songs or the whole album.

Music tattoo musicians

Whether it’s a pop singer, guitarist in the black metal band or a violinist in a classical orchestra, they all share one thing – love for the music, albeit different.

If you have a direct connection to the music and want to get a tattoo, you can choose something from the list:

  • Musical instruments. Most popular – violin, double bass, flute, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, accordion, drums, piano and so on. If you sing, you can make a tattoo with a microphone, and especially stylish would look microphone stand in retro style.
  • Treble clef. Suitable for those who want to do the large and complex tattoo.
  • Stave. Great for classical musicians, with all the signs.

Tip: long tools are better suited to do them on the hands, feet, and neck, while a round or square look better on large flat surfaces, like the chest, back, and abdomen.

The lyrics of the favorite songs that you transferred to the body

The easiest yet versatile way to make a tattoo in the name of music! Everyone has a favorite song or even a line from a song, which can be transferred to the body. The inscription is convenient because it can be made any size, it will be an organic look anywhere on the body, and the design can be quite varied, because of the fonts!


I’m a big fan of the band Deftones, I already have a tattoo on his leg with the cover of their album White Pony and a line from my favorite song I have on the back of the hand. Don’t think I’ll stop there: they constantly create something new that I wanted to perpetuate myself. For me, it is a special way to thank them for what they do, because their music is part of myself and my world.