Greek tattoos and Greek mythology: gods and statues as heroes underwear painting

Greek tattoos

The wearable art of painting in Greece is very developed: there are thousands of professional salons with talented craftsmen. Greek tattoo impresses with its variety and versatility. In addition to the banal images of mythological characters are truly creative surreal masterpieces.

About the ancient Greek tattoos

Greece is the cradle of Western civilization with centuries of unique history and culture. This country was one of the first in which appeared wearable drawings. True, it was a stigma for slaves, which were called stigmata, i.e. “marked”. Special symbols and signs made on the forehead, so that the slave could not escape his master.

From the IV century BC in Greece began to appear, the doctors that were involved in the shameful removal of tattoos. It was one of the world’s first operation of this kind, which has laid a solid Foundation in medicine.

Greek tattoos, of course, cannot be called punishment. As elsewhere in the world, decorate their bodies and Express their individuality. The main audience of fans of body art is young people from 17 to 25 years. They are happy to make large-scale drawings on the arm and more concise over the shoulder or the hip.

In Athens are the famous tattoo shops, which for dozens of years acquired a wide fame in Europe. The oldest of them – Jimmy’s Tattoo Studio, which opened in 1978. Initially, the founder of stuffed tattooed sailors, and then decided to turn a favorite hobby into a job. Today, his family business is thriving, taking advantage of unprecedented demand among citizens and guests of the capital.

In Lonis Tattoo Studio operates a pair of talented graphic artists by the name of sink and Leonidas. The mainstream – colored large-scale composition. Salon Sake Tattoo Crew appeared later than the other, in 2005. Tattoo sketches creative artists impress with their technique and original ideas.

Popular stories

Characters from Greek mythology are not the most common body designs. Young people are happy to get tattoo lettering, portraits of famous personalities cross. In honor also the old school style, which is characterized by rich and colorful images. Original looks like tattoo Greek design, which is also called the meander symbolizes the journey.

Since Greek mythology is a recognizable part of the culture of the Sunny and warm country, her characters are popular among the Patriotic youth and tourists, absorbed the distinctive ancient culture. Zeus the Thunderer, the goddess of love Aphrodite, patron of the arts Apollo, Medusa is not a complete list of colorful images that become the basis for the unique masterpieces.

Fans of concise and meaningful songs like will appreciate the wise sayings of the philosophers in the Greek language. Who wish to get just an elaborate pectoral ornament that will serve as a reminder of an unforgettable journey, it is recommended to stop the choice on tattoo bracelet in the Greek style.