Tattoo feather is a Symbol of Good Luck, Flight, and Protection of a Higher power

Feather tattoo

Tattoo Feather has a wide range of values. In different cultures, traditions and legends of the stylus are interpreted as a symbol of courage, a symbol of ease and embodiment of divine protection. The feather is primarily associated with birds, which are known to symbolize flight, lightness, loftiness. The feathers used to make arrows and writing utensils. Therefore, depending on the associations and interpretations of the feather might have a completely different interpretation.

Tattoo Feather Meaning — Subtleties of Tattoos with Feather

Indians of North America feather meant the patronage of spirits. The man who wore feathers, such as the feathers of an eagle, absorbed the power of this bird. Also, bird feathers were used to create amulets, such as the catcher. For military purposes, the feathers were used for making arrows. You can often see the tattoo, which is connected by several related attributes: for example, the feather and the arrow.

The feather is directly related to poultry and is similar to the value concept. That’s why the feather can be interpreted as a symbol of flight, of floating, of lightness, of elevation.

The feather of a mythical bird, like Phoenix or Firebird, is a symbol of:

  1. good luck
  2. Renaissance
  3. magical abilities
  4. fortune

Peacock feather signifies luxury and wealth. Peacocks have the most gorgeous feathers among all birds, these noble creatures sometimes considered to be descendants of the mythological phoenixes and firebirds and have the ability to bring good luck and wealth.

Blue tattoo feather is a symbol of happiness, luck and dreams. The legend of the bluebird says that while on earth there is one person who knows how to dream, to believe in the best and look for happiness the bluebird is to help all people.

People of creative professions can choose a tattoo with the feather as a symbol of creative flight.

In many cultures, the feather is associated with dreams. It is light and weightless, so free, flying wherever the wind blows. It was thought that if you had a white feather, it heralds a new spiritual period in your life. The red feather symbolizes passion and love. Yellow or orange feather speaks of extraordinary mental abilities.

Popular Styles Tattoo Feather

  • Watercolor
  • Realism
  • Abstraction

Popular Places for Tattoo with Feather

  • Hand
  • Clavicle
  • Neck
  • Ribs

Popular combinations Tattoo with Feather

  • The tattoo with Feather and arrow Symbolizes focus.

  • Tattoo with a Feather and the bird Symbolizes flight and hill of freedom.
  • Tattoo of a Feather and the words — the Interpretation depends on the content label.

  • Tattoo with Feather-and-Indians — hats and other mascots Indians have the properties of talismans and amulets. They protect the owner and make him stronger.

  • Tattoo with Feather and Ink — write with the feather represents creativity and inspiration. This tattoo will suit writers, journalists, poets and other creative professions.

Feather tattoo for Girls

Girls choose a tattoo feather because of its interpretation, the small size, and aesthetic appearance. Small romantic feather on the foot or wrist can be the first tattoo, which is solved, girl

This small, but meaningful symbol performs the function of decoration, the function of the talisman.

Tattoo Feather for Men

Men, as a rule, closer to the classic interpretation of tattoo with a feather, followed by American Indians. The feather for men is a symbol of protection of a higher power, goal achievement, focus and the right direction of life. Men often gaining a tattoo with a feather in tandem with the tattoo arrows, as they are very similar in content and have the same roots complement each other in meaning.

Tattoo Feather Sketches

You can get a tattoo feather any birds. Many birds in different traditions there are tales and beliefs. If you will like a graceful egret or a Swan, you can search online drawings of their feathers and stylize them to tattoo. Combining the classical value of a feather with a specific bird you can get a unique, interesting and non-trivial sketch.