Meaning tattoo a fallen Angel

Talk in the article about the meaning of Fallen angel tattoos, meaning, and history of this sought-after figure in the art of tattoo.

Sense, history and meaning tattoo Fallen angel

Fallen angel – one of the most spectacular tattoos. Anthropomorphic divine creation, as a rule, with great wings, often depicted sitting. His hands usually or up to the sky, or bow the head. In the pose of the angel is clearly readable abject despair and dejected. Angel wings can be portrayed as wide open and bruised.

Sometimes the fall from heaven is symbolically indicative of flying feathers. Traditionally a tattoo placed on the shoulder or back. Fallen big tattoo that covers a significant part of the back, it looks just awesome, such a tattoo prefer to fill the representatives of the stronger sex. Women are more likely to stir a fallen angel on the shoulder, on the side border and the iliac areas of the abdomen, more rarely on the outer thigh.

The symbolism of the image of a fallen angel

Value tattoo a Fallen angel is based on biblical legends. Judging by what is written in the book of life, a third of the armies of God, led by Lucifer, rebelled against his Creator. These Angels refused to obey God and to do his precepts, for which he was expelled from Paradise. The choice between good and evil, obedience, and rebellion – the original symbolism of the image of the Fallen.

Value tattoo a Fallen angel in the criminal community

Like most tattoos, the Fallen angel came to us from a criminal subculture. Initially, he is credited with the value of the talisman. In addition, the Fallen symbolized a conscious move to the side of evil, defeated in the fight (in the criminal environment is correlated with imprisonment), the proud temper of the owner, and lack of remorse (because of the Fallen, if you think about it, painfully experiencing their exile from heaven, but has no regrets about the previous events).

The most sentimental representatives of the criminal world applied this tattoo in memory of some great loss (death of a friend or loved one), or as a sign of collapsed hopes.

Modern symbolism tattoo Fallen angel

Today the person with the tattoo a Fallen angel is not necessarily in conflict with the law. From the point of view of the judiciary, he can be quite law-abiding and well-meaning citizen. Modern meaning tattoo a Fallen angel is more of the confrontation between the individual existing moral and ethical norms and customs, the revolt against double standards and hypocrisy, to a considerable extent in our society.

Those who choose the Fallen as a tattoo feels like a loner, a man free from prejudices, make informed choices between light and darkness, good and evil, suffering and pleasure. Sometimes the consequences are the tragic choice, and then the Fallen angel represents the grief for the lost, forever gone peace of mind and your loved ones.

This is the tattoo that is applied is a proud and independent people, disillusioned with their own ideas and recognize the insignificance of their goals, have paid too high a price for their choices. But at the same time, they know that despair and hopelessness you just have to worry about how cold or illness, because one who is not falling – not rising. Fallen angel closes its wings back voluntary outcasts, but who knows, maybe only them, actually, and know how to live.

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