Tattoo from the evil eye

Evil eye tattoo

To protect yourself from the negative influence of the dark forces wants everyone – some people wear crosses, someone the star of David, others wear protective amulets. But in the ancient and modern practices are also equally effective and efficient tattoo from the evil eye.

Practice to apply a protective tattoo against “evil” eye has existed since ancient times shamans and chiefs, ordinary citizens and soldiers, the priests put on their sacred body drawings. And even today, during the development of science and technology of tattoo from the evil eye is one of the most reliable ways of protection from the dark forces.

How to Protect Tattoo

Practice to decorate my body with tattoos is for centuries, in the beginning, it was the privilege of the nobility after became the hallmark of soldiers and sailors. But it is not to go into the history of the tattoo from the ,evil eye come to us from time immemorial.

Today tattoo is done as a fashion statement, but it is worth remembering that this is a piece of your soul – it can change your life. But, before a tattoo is applied to damage and the evil eye – you can use them to attract the help of higher forces and gain power. Simply put, you get the favor of the light forces is important to determine the pattern.

What You Should Know

Before you make a tattoo on his body, it is necessary to take into account a number of important points.

  1. Choose the picture tattoo. And what? Be guided not only by its meaning – listen to your intuition, and choose your tattoo.
  2. The protective tattoo is best applied on a secluded part of the body – on the neck and lower back foot, or in the area behind the ear, on the inner side of the thigh, shoulder or wrist.
  3. Optimally, if the tattoo master will give you a sketch of the drawing taking into account individual wishes and principles of preparation of the protective pattern. This will enhance its protective action.

And a couple of tips.

  • First of all, you should choose a quality tattoo parlor and an experienced master, because the patterning on the body is a kind of surgical interference, and the picture will stay with you forever.
  • Before you fill the body tattoo ask your master to pay you a henna or a special washable ink and walk so for several days. Listen to your feelings and after you make your decision.

And most importantly to believe in the protection of the tattoo, because this is its strength.

Tattoo drawings from the evil eye

Amulets and protective symbols on the body in tattoo practice, there is a lot of variety and each has its own unique and sacred meaning. Drawings on the body fill us with strength and confidence, to protect against induced damage and the evil eye, dark forces.

Which one to choose?

Eye Of Horus

The symbol of the Egyptian God RA

The eye of Horus quite a common protective symbol and motif tattoo is the embodiment of the Egyptian God RA. The ancients believed that it gives its owner the vigilance and intuition, alertness and protects you from the dark. A person receives the ability to see souls and reads their thoughts.

It is considered a very versatile tattoo because it can cause both boys and girls – it was considered that the right eye is a symbol of masculinity, but left points on women’s nature and essence. You can fill it a color or monochrome black. Optimally applied in the lumbar region or back, on the wrist or in the field of icicles.


Sample tattoo Dreamcatcher

An ancient symbol, inherited from the Indians – a powerful protection against dark forces, not allowing them to penetrate into the hidden corners of consciousness and subconsciousness, especially when the person sleeps.

At the moment of sleep the human soul is especially in need of protection – the web is depicted on the tattoo, you will not miss streams of the dark forces, and a Supplement in the form of feathers and other attributes will strengthen the internal capacities, soaring you up.

If you take to protect a tattoo of a dream Catcher – you get reliable protection from damage and the evil eye, which firmly confuses the dark forces in their put and will protect them from penetration into the soul. In addition, this tattoo particularly appeals to creative individuals in the feathers displayed a desire and the human desire to fly up. And they can help you.

Black Sun

The symbol of the black sun

Powerful and quite mystical, sacred symbols of the Black sun tattoo is considered masculine, protective, protecting against envy and bringing success in business. Cause the symbol most often on the chest or arm, but should be very careful with the choice of tattoo.

The thing is that the image shows belonging to the ruling factions and clans that are very active in preaching neo-paganism. In this case, to help you call it magic ancestors, the legacy of pre-Christian eras when according to legend the earth was inhabited by a dark entity.

But it is worth remembering that the character actively promoting the prisoners and the Nazis – this point should be taken into account in the choice of such a protective symbol.


Theatrical masks of ancient Greece

Mask, do I know you?

This expression describes the meaning of tattoos – it helps to hide their true identity from others, to make a man internally unrecognizable and invulnerable because of their invisibility.

With the other hand, applying to the body a tattoo, you indirectly point to the hidden and veiled hypocrisy. Therefore it is worth thinking about, not does it make you worse, fencing and hiding from the enemy? Although the shamans of Africa and Oceania consider it a strong protective talisman against wild animals – a kind of natural camouflage, like a chameleon.


Spider as a tattoo

The choice of an image of a spider as a protective tattoo is the right decision because the ancients considered them strong protection from dark forces and damage the human eye and envy. Strengthen the defensive power of the tattoo can Dreamcatcher – you get the power of two webs, which do not let your anger and human will help to preserve the vitality and potential.

In addition, many believe the image of a spider – a symbol of hard work and harmony, inspiration and creativity. Just look in nature to those masterpieces – the web he weaves. But 7 pairs of legs of the spider is a special character indicating the cyclical nature of the earthly universe and harmony.


The image of a bee as talisman and symbol of prosperity

Bee is not just delicious and healthy honey, it is also a powerful totem talisman, which gives people not just protection from the dark forces, protecting them from his sting, but also symbolizes longevity and hard work, giving appropriate qualities of its owner.

In addition, the bee symbolizes wisdom, life experience accumulated over the years. In particular, the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that these insects convey to the ears of the gods all the requests of the people.

Tattoo Words Phrases And Runes On The Amulet

The symbolism of words and phrases

Artsy on the body labels and phrases, sentences written in different languages – you can find them on the body, both men, and women. In addition to its own sacred meaning that a person invests in a particular word, a sentence, they carry direct purpose – protection from dark forces and the evil eye

Protective tattoos made of words and symbols can say a lot, but as a talisman often take:

  • Chinese and Japanese characters;
  • ancient rune image;
  • phrases are written in Latin;
  • especially believers and pious people decorate themselves with quotations and verses from the Crane and the Bible.

In particular, quoting from the Bible or the Koran or any other Holy book, people calling his aid the power of heaven. They are most often applied on the chest or on hand, but if you are far from religion – not worth it to fill because without faith she would not have defenses.

If the protective tattoo you choose runic symbols – carefully read their sacred significance. One should not only look at the runes in life, they can have the different meaning that can change radically the whole way and life, carrying the result not protection as some misfortune.

But the inscription or hieroglyph – it is your identity, vision, and delegating the fate of a particular lifestyle.