Tattoo dove

Tattoo dove

Tattoos with images of birds prefer an open and independent personality. However, the selection of feathered creatures. Tattoo with the image of a pigeon is chosen by boys and girls. This image gives lightness and tenderness to a person. The dove is a bird known in many countries, it is also found in the myths and legends of various peoples.

Pigeon. Familiar to many birds

The pigeons most of the inhabitants of the middle band of the familiar. Here they are, regularly flying in the street, valanciaus seeds or bread. But not everyone thinks that pigeons are considered to be one of the first birds that have been tamed by man. In the wild pigeons prefer rocks and cliffs. More domestic birds like to settle near the stone houses as they remind me of life in the wild.

Pigeons living in the home can live up to 35 years. At the same time, their wild to gather there is a maximum of three years. However, as scholars have noted, wild birds will soon disappear. This is because, as domesticated and wild birds can coexist, interbreeding and creating fertile offspring. From this, it follows that the tattoo is a dove, a photo which you can see in many tattoo parlors also can mean the ability to adapt to any situations.

Pigeons in myths and legends

In most countries, the dove is a symbol of peace and goodness. For example, in Japan, the symbol depicting this bird, in its beak a sword, is considered the emblem of peace. It should be noted that white dove is the embodiment of purity and kindness. To the purple brethren, this value is usually not used. The ancient Romans has its own legend. According to her, the dove, who served Venus, made a nest in the helmet of the God of war. Angry Mars did not dare to chase the bird and her children, and once the fight was stopped.

Did you know? Pigeons are found in Christianity. For example, after the deluge, the white dove brought Noah the good news in the form of olive branches. This meant that God forgives his children and promises them a happy life. Also, the image of a dove was widely used in the iconography. Seven white birds of this species, hovering over Christ and the Virgin Mary with a baby is the symbol of the Seven gift of the Holy Spirit, which include knowledge, insight, wisdom, piety, fear of God, firmness, intelligence. Therefore, tattoo dove, whose value may be based on this fact, can also designate any of these properties.

Meaning tattoo dove

Tattoo dove sketches which are quite diverse can carry different values. But it should be noted that they all carry a positive message.

Typical signs of this type of image include:

  • peace and good. The dove is a symbol, which is opposed to the war. Therefore, the application of this type of tattoo could mean that its owner is a pacifist;
  • fertility, sexuality, the desire to bear children. All of these values are derived from Roman mythology. Since Eros also known as Cupid, was able to transform it into this bird. Also, according to Chinese mythology, the dove is a sign of sensuality, but also a symbol of the earth in the time of spring fertility;
  • meekness and shyness. The man who considers himself quite introverted can surely do a tattoo with the image of a dove. In some countries, this bird symbolizes humility, good manners, and chastity;
  • the atonement of sins. The value of this tattoo originates from biblical stories. Any pigeon, whether it is white or bluish, is the refusal of the past, striving to change;
  • a symbol of freedom. Still, the dove refers to birds. Therefore, his image, particularly with wide-open wings, speaks of freedom from the conventions;
  • a talisman against evil spirits and spells. Dove can protect its owner. Plus this tattoo is that not everyone is familiar with the notation of this image. Therefore, in the superstition of the owner of the tattoo is to blame is quite difficult.

Dove in a person’s life

The most famous destination of these birds is the transmission of messages. Even there are a steady expression “homers.” Birds to send messages served as faithful assistants servicemen. Already in Antiquity, the Persians, Greeks, and Romans actively used pigeons to transmit requests for assistance, information about the location of enemies. Also, this type of communication was used extensively in the 19th century by brokers who always need to be connected. However, this method was later challenged by the Telegraph.


The tattoo of the dove I made a long time ago. For me, the bird is freedom, dreams of endless sky. Later on, I started to realize that every species of the feathered bears something of their own. Read about my tattoo and realized that it has paid off. I am a man of peace, all this war sickens me. And the dove on my shoulder quite beautiful and elegant.

Tattoo dove, where to apply?

Tattoo with the image of this bird may vary in size. Depending on this, choose and place on the skin where applied to the sketch.

The most popular place for the image of pigeons:

  1. thigh;
  2. chest;
  3. forearm;
  4. the back and neck.

It’s fun! The symbol of a dove is found not only in Christianity. In Islam, this bird is also considered sacred. It dove predicted the future of the prophet Muhammad. However, in this religion, the standard is a blackbird.

Tattoo with the image of a dove can vary in its support. For example, a pair of doves kissing, or touching of the wings is the symbol of many lovers. Also popular paired images from the bride and groom. In this case, each makes a tattoo with this bird. Images are usually displayed on the mirror.


Tattoo I do always fear. I’m a fickle girl, I just may be bored with the same image. But a tattoo of a beautiful black-and-white dove, holding in the key branch of an olive tree I like. I was with her for five years, to change or reduce not want. Now dove is my favorite bird.