Tattoo Crow / Raven: meaning and design

Among the tattoo designs, for the most part, depicts animals, birds, insects and other creatures. These drawings are used to emphasize the quality of character possessed by the person or add the missing confidence and strength. Special mystery shrouded in the image of the crow.

What should you know about this tattoo?

The Raven – a symbol of good or evil

The Raven tattoo is quite common among admirers of tattoo art. Of special interest is associated with old beliefs. Our ancestors associated the Raven with the dark forces. Common drawings in black and white colors. Other colors are very rarely added to the sketch. A popular area for the application of this figure are the shoulders, chest, back.

The Raven is a bird which has the strength and fairly large size. A characteristic feature is a mind and the wisdom of birds. All cultures and at all times revered this bird felt a sense of fear and sometimes was dispassionate. Despite this, the bird has always evoked the opposite emotions. It is a symbol of darkness and sun, good, and evil, hatred and wisdom. Many owners of this Raven tattoo associated with a trusted adviser.

Crows in cultures around the world

Tattoo Raven, the value of which is varied and inconsistent, is presented in the cultures of virtually all peoples of the world.

Legend has it that the Raven is a bird that lives about 300 years, terrifies people and feeds on carrion. The representative birds were taken a worthy place in the cultures of all peoples of the world.

The ancient Celts associated the Raven with death. The coal-black bird was part of the magic and satanic rites. She was always placed near the goddess Morrigan and other gods that symbolized death and hatred.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the Raven represents aggression and evil, so afraid of birds and avoided her image.

In the Christian religion, Raven is the accomplice of the devil and a harbinger of problems and bad weather. But the main book of the Christians – the Bible also testifies that the prophet Elijah was saved in the desert by a flock of crows. Birds rescued recluse from certain death.

It’s fun! In Russian folklore, for example, in fairy tales, the blackbird is also a supporter of evil, witches, and evil sorcerers. It is an integral symbol of black magic.

Opposite meaning crow was credited with the Romans. For them, the bird embodied the hope. Such associations were caused by the fact that the cry of a crow is similar to the Latin word “CRAs” (tomorrow).

In Chinese mythology and religions, the Raven is the embodiment of such qualities as commitment, reliability, and durability. According to legend, the sun moves, the bird is a Raven.

Peoples hot Africa identify the bird with the faithful companion of man.

The Eskimos believed that the Raven is the chief of the shamans, the progenitor of mankind.

Meaning tattoo

Raven tattoo sketches are combined with other additional elements, which, in turn, make the meaning of the tattoos deeper gives a special sense.

Wearable drawings depicting a magical bird most often associated with wisdom and prudence. Also, this pattern is applied to the body the people who are experiencing the loneliness and pain of losing a loved one.

Important! Because the value of the crow as the tattoo is quite controversial, choose a sketch of a man who would wear a tattoo, taking into account personal preferences and feelings, and the attitude of the bird.

Tattoo Raven photo depicting the Raven together with the skull, reports the threat of death and destruction. If the skull replaced by blooming roses, which breeds in the bird, this tattoo will be a symbol of family prosperity and happiness.


It seems to me that the Raven is a really cool tattoo. This bird is quite popular among all peoples. Because they have a truth. I believe Ravens are mysterious and extraordinary. Therefore, choosing a tattoo, at first she was afraid to look ridiculous, but it worked out perfectly. Tattoo gave me the courage and strength that is so needed at times.

One bird on a branch reflecting alone, a few birds or a flock of crows is a symbol of aggression and war.

If the bird holds in its beak something, the owner of the tattoo seeks to demonstrate the power and quality of a predator. Such a person will never become a victim of others.

Color tattoo

The meaning of the tattoo depends not only on the elements of the picture, and color decisions. The most common black-and-white version of the sketch. Color feather bird changes the symbolism of the tattoo. Black as pitch, the Raven is seen as a concentration of negativity and negative energy. Even the smallest elements of white color in the plumage radically change the meaning of a tattoo in a positive direction.

Who gets tattoos in the form of a crow?

Important! Choosing a tattoo with a crow, you should carefully consider the combination of all elements. Do not miss a single detail. Every little thing can dramatically change the interpretation of the tattoo.

Tattoo has a unique design, so it can be made in any style for client’s choice. To apply this pattern to the body and men and women. If the tattoo is selected wisely, taking into account personal preferences and character, the tattoo will be a spectacular accent of personality. The Raven tattoo can be stuffed in almost any area of the body.


Despite the fact that I’m not thrilled with the “singing” of the birds, I spent a lot of time studying the symbols. Frankly, the image itself I like, but the bird action is always induced nostalgia. There were some concerns about it. But everything went perfectly. In a complex situation, there is a kind of vitality and confidence. Also, my tattoo is now a feast for the eyes. Thank you, master.