Tattoo compass

Compass tattoo

Tattoo with the image of the compass certainly attracts curious glances. Mystical symbolism interesting figure from associating with the nautical theme. And it is not without reason, because the compass at all times served the sailors trusted a stranger on a long journey over the vast water spaces. It is with sailors and the history of tattoos with the image of a compass. They decorated their bodies with the figure with this amazing invention in a sign that he has saved their lives in the raging waters of the ocean, pointing the right direction.

The varieties of tattoos with the image of the compass and their meanings

Tattoo with the image of the compass is really original because hardly anybody has a similar body figure. So rare and mysterious tattoo is not just decoration but has a deep hidden meaning almost philosophical quality.

The value of a particular tattoo with the image of the compass depends on what kind of inventions people chose to sketch:

  • Chinese compass Lo pan;
  • runic compass Norse peoples;
  • the conventional magnetic mechanism for orienteering.

Compass Luo pan, originally from China

The image with this type of compass dates back to the symbolism, borrowed from the art of Feng Shui. In this context, the tattoo takes on the value of the eternal search for the right path of life that allows people with certain steps to move towards your goals in order to achieve successful results.

Chinese compass is a clever interweaving of 36 rings, arranged in concentric circles and divided by 24 lucid segments emanating from the Central part of a compass. The photos with the tattoo of a compass in an obvious way it can be noted that the image data resemble a grid or table, this is easily explained. Previously, Lo p’an served not only as a “guide”, as it is widely used in the practice of geomancy.

It is believed that the tattoo with the image of the mysterious Chinese compass is able to bring its owner good luck in all endeavors with positive energy flows.

Scandinavian compasses-runes

Runic compass Norse peoples is a circle, which is composed of mystical characters of the ancient Celts. Tattoo this compass is truly vintage and carries a magical significance.

Paraphernalia Scandinavian symbol was decorated with the ships seafarers-the Vikings, in which the beliefs of the tattoo with a runic compass helped if I could feel a similar mechanism, to he directed and was directing travelers to the right path on the road of life, and to return to his home – helped not to get lost among the ornate forks and twists that he has prepared for them destiny.

Magnetic pointer to the eight parts of the world

The mechanism of the conventional magnetic compass was invented in China and was used for precise determination of location. The image of the compass carries a symbolism that points to all parties. Often, as in ancient times, and today, tattoo with the image of such a compass stuffed his true hunters to adventure or those who simply enjoy geographical Sciences.

Today, tattoo with compass more carry value of certain balance and equilibrium from which a person goes through life, Express the sign of harmony and inner peace, finding meaning and having clear principles that allow us not to go out of your way.

But whatever magic the subtext had a tattoo of a compass, and regardless of, people what profession or Outlook on the life filled his similar body figure, the symbolism associated with the sea, remains the most popular. Sailors from all over the world to this day applied to the skin tattoo with a compass as an eternal reminder that somewhere out there, faithfully waiting for them in their native lands.

Men vs women

Interestingly, the tattoo with the image of a compass since ancient times is considered a male privilege. Because the story itself was, as usual, that women were home life, and that the strongest of sex was destined to go to sea travel – military research or for the purpose of conducting trading business. Therefore, they are real men, filled his compass as a sign of “eternal camping lifestyle”, but also as a talisman, which will always point the way home. For a sketch of the pattern, they chose a simple magnetic compass. Runic symbols and Chinese variations of the chosen ones who are versed in the intricacies of the magical arts, that is representatives of their peoples. Stuffed men compass, mainly on the back, bicep or forearm.

The modern world is, of course, have long been free from the prejudices associated with gender distinctions. So today, and the girls stuffed themselves with tattoo images compass. As a rule, women decide on a tattoo, is a strong person, eager of life of adventure, sincerely believe in their principles and ideas, and ready to go on a break to achieve their goals.

But if men prefer to stuff a compass in a simple way – without any unnecessary elements, the girls prefer to Supplement the preliminary drawings of various attributes of the plant world – flowers, branches or wreaths.

Very creative ladies even dare to rework the traditional concentric sketch of the compass, replacing the circles with hearts or any other geometric shape. As a character acquires even a new modern meaning, understandable only now the girl who decided to experiment with a mystical sign. The most popular places on the body for tattooing with compass among girls are hip, ribs or scapula.

Common to both sexes, to traditional values, tattoo with compass and attributed to another interesting explanation – the expression of devotion and eternal love to your soulmate, life will be the guiding star to lead two lovers to the attainment of mutual happiness.