Tattoo animals

Animal tattoos

Animal tattoos – it’s a pretty broad group of images. They have very different values both positive and negative. Animal tattoos, the meaning of which depends on the specific species, are applied to the different parts of the body.

The most popular animals that are used for tattooing are:

  • snakes;
  • bears;
  • tigers;
  • cats;
  • elephants;
  • lions;
  • wolves.

The image of a snake

This kind of tattoo is very common in India. Here the serpent is worshiped because it is a symbol of divination and fertility. The most popular way of applying a snake wrapped around the bowl.

This symbol originated in Ancient Greece and since then associated with medicine. Very quickly a snake shedding its skin, so it symbolized immortality. In addition, it is associated with power, wisdom, abundance, rebirth.

Important! Do not have to put on your body snake wrapped around the bowl. Very nice Cobra, snakes moving under the sound of pipes, snakes in the form of the infinity sign.

A picture of a tiger

The tiger has long been symbolized with speed, beauty, cruelty, force, anger. In the Indian and Asian culture tattoos with the image of the animal associated with the protection and aggressiveness. In addition, the tattoo of a tiger can symbolize the risk and excitement as the Chinese God, according to the legend, was seated on a powerful tiger.

In the criminal world, tiger tattoo means “anger at authority”. A person with such a tattoo wants to tell the world that he will not tolerate neglect of his person and challenges to law enforcement. Before you put on your body animal tattoos, photos of which you can see on any website about the tattoo, read all the options for their interpretation.

Did you know? On your body the tattoo was applied, Stalin, Albert Einstein, and Nicholas II.

The tiger is a symbol of strength, beauty, and hardness. Not everyone dares to portray it on your body

A picture of a cat

The cat has always been considered a symbol of freedom, amorousness, tenderness, love, courage, and nobility. Many people considered them superior beings, so the owner of such a tattoo takes over all the qualities possessed by these animals.

Cats are usually depicted in black color. It doesn’t have to be a real cat. Look pretty cute cartoon cats. Typically, these tattoos are choosing young girls. But the strongmen prefer black noble cats.

Tattoo animals should be applied, depending on what inner qualities you want to emphasize.

The image of an elephant

This kind of tattoo is very common in African and Asian countries, as local residents come into contact with elephants for many centuries in a row. Here the elephant is associated with stability, wisdom, spiritual knowledge, victory.

In Medieval Europe, the elephant was a symbol of love and chastity, because females should abstain from sexual intercourse throughout pregnancy. In Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand to worship the white elephant. It is considered a symbol of spirituality and happiness.


I was born in the year of the Tiger, so wanted to portray it on your body. I have been consulted about the drawing master in the tattoo parlor. Eventually settled on the small tigress, which I stuffed in the neck. Looks very cool!

The image of bears

The meaning of this tattoo is not less diverse than the previous one. Indians believe this animal is a symbol of world energy, rituals, and freedom. In Japan, the bear is associated with patience, strength, clarity, and wisdom.

The Celts bear was a symbol of the power of the moon. And since the Moon is associated with motherhood and childbirth, the bear was considered to be the exclusively female symbol. To sum up, today tattoo the bear symbolizes strength, courage, boldness, and confidence.


I’ve been fond of magic. Very fond of black cats. In my house, there is a whole cat family. Decided to put on a hand a tattoo in the form of a black cat, which will emphasize my love of cats and magic.

The image of a lion

The lion is the symbol of royalty, pride, strength, courage, law, justice, and courage. Girls are very often chosen for application to the body image of a lioness. She is associated with sensuality and motherhood. In addition, Leo is associated with the quiet power, the majestic peace, confidence.

Usually, this kind of tattoo applied to the shoulder area. Leo can be applied not only in a calm, peaceful appearance but with an open mouth. Tattoo roaring lion suggests that its owner wants to keep his power became known.


I am a native Russian, so I wanted to portray on my body tattoo, which would it said. My choice fell on the bear. I asked the artist to portray him in the shoulder. The result astonished me! In the near future, I want to put the flag of Russia.

The picture of a wolf

The wolf is one of the most strong-willed and intelligent animals. Tattoo with the image of this animal cannot afford it. It is absolutely not suitable indecisive, weak, and slow people. The wolf is a nocturnal animal, so he has long been associated with mystery and unknowable.

Tattoos of animals, sketches of which are represented in the catalogs of tattoo parlors are popular among the different segments of the population.