What does a tattoo with an anchor?

In ancient times tattoos on the body of the people served not only as decoration but also talismans, amulets, which were supposed to help its owner to cope with the difficulties and troubles awaiting him in life. In this article, we will learn about one of these symbols reveal the anchor tattoo meaning and see attitude to it in modern culture.

Historical and cultural roots

It is easy to guess that the symbolism of the anchor is inextricably linked with sailing and marine issues in General. However, the long history of this ship attributesuggests that people gave it much more important and profound meaning, even for those who neither to vehicles nor to travel the seas and oceans.

Man and the world

Before its modern form, the anchor went through many metamorphoses. As a shipload of people used the deck, sheathed with metal, sandbags, basket with heavy stones. One of the legends tells that this is an indispensable part of the reason the ship looks exactly as we used to see her now. The upper part is the personification of a man who raised his hands to the sky and stars, the lower is the symbolic image of the entire material world, earth, which takes the body of the deceased, and at the same time creates a new life.

Relic of antiquity

In ancient times, anchor acquired the reputation of a Holy symbol that was engraved on coins almost all port cities such as Antioch and Alexandria, and served as a sign of the gods: Poseidon God of the sea, Amphitrite, the patron Saint of seafarers of the Greeks, Varuna Indian God who kept the souls of the dead into the sea.

Persistent faith

In the Christian religion also found a place to anchor. In early Christianity, it was portrayed as a symbol of hope, support, an unbreakable faith in the salvation of souls. One of the biblical quotations about the value and importance of faith States: “…that of the soul as an anchor both sure and steadfast…” (Heb.6:19).

Now it is the ship-fixture is portrayed as a symbol of St. Nicholas.

The meaning of the anchor in the modern tattoo art

In our time, the image of an anchor can be seen not only in a strong and desperate sailor, hardened journeys and adventures like he used to. Now, this character is widespread among men and among women. Males often choose more restrained, often monochromatic sketches.

Girl using all your creativity, you can give preference to eye catching, vivid and dramatic the picture, therefore, the value of tattoo anchor girls can be very diverse. The way the work is done, what colors and accompanying pictures used in the story, often determines what will happen to mean tattoo in the shape of an anchor.Let’s find out more about it.

Faithfulness, loyalty, reliability. First and foremost, the image of an anchor means that its possessor is hardly prone to treachery and deceit, he can be trusted, without fear of dire consequences. For girls anchor tattoo on hand will be a symbol of care, patience, and serenity and can protect against the rash and hasty decisions.

Some girls choose a small picture of an anchor on the neck, which symbolizes hope and faith in the light and the good.
Depicted on the finger or on the wrist, a small anchor, likely indicates that you are somehow associated with the sea or shipbuilding who respects his profession, but still, always wants to go back to the house where he is loved and welcome.

The value of the anchor tattoo the rose is the honor and sacrifice in the name of love. This story has a special energy because roses are the backdrop for the anchors, are often considered not only a sign of sensuality and passion but also a symbol of blood, which the person is ready to shed for the welfare of near and dear to the hearts of people.

In the composition with the image of snake tattoo, anchor girl means, oddly enough, peace, security, fertility and vital energy of the Sun. This symbolism comes not so much from the functions as the shape of this ship fixtures.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the value of the anchor tattoo is very versatile. But choosing the sketch that you like, even if you decide to fill the anchor on the face, only you can decide what will mean this figure and what role he will play in your life.

Subjects and stylistic decisions

Very interesting and unusual and will look to anchor with flowers, made in the style of watercolor. This tattoo is the perfect girl and can be placed on virtually any part of the body. Light, almost imperceptible contours, smooth color transitions and half-tones will convey the tenderness and romance of the maiden nature, without compromising the integrity of the plot, and sloppy chaotic brushstrokes and vivid splashes create the impression that the picture is indeed painted with watercolors. This direction is so valued because of attractive romance, lightness, and brilliance created by the master of works. A professional tattoo artist working in this style, you will be able to draw on the skin a unique illustration, which is very long will cause excitement among all the others and, of course, to please its owner.

A fairly popular boy’s story is the anchor and the wheel style twin tips, which are often part of the composition on the foot or depicted on the eggs. Such a tattoo indicates the undeniable leadership qualities of its bearer, that he chooses his own life route, ready for any change and are always responsible for their decisions,even if he has to go down with his ship.

Twin tips due to the sharp crisp contours and an incredibly bright, saturated colors that often contrast, makes the picture more three-dimensional, discernible even from afar, which once again allows you to demonstrate to others those qualities which he wants to attract attention with the help of tattoos.