Tattoo abstraction

Abstract tattoo

The bulk of people, the word “abstraction” becomes a straight face and there is no interest. Bright patterns perceived as something empty and frivolous. But actually, abstraction is the whole direction in art, however, as the individual within the abstract stood out recently. Perhaps this is why they so despise, and those who grace your body a variety of ornaments, I consider frivolous. Of course, such seriousness, as in the case of ancient religious symbols, you will not find here, but you shouldn’t promise. Biased doesn’t help, and the topic is really worthy of attention.

Tattoo abstraction

The history of abstract tattoo

Tattoo of simple and complex patterns appeared much earlier than others. Some of the people they showed social status, some served as decoration. The ornament could also be the story of the life of the individual, family or whole tribe.

Did you know? African tribes still make the tattoos and in large quantities. Every tribe has its own style of patterns in which Nations recognize each other. Tribal tattoos are not only social but also religious significance. Some of them have the right to do only shamans or healers. The body pattern can be distinguished chieftain or warrior. And some ornaments, on the contrary, compulsory for all men or for all women. On this account, there is a rigid hierarchy.

Raven abstract tattoo

Tattoo of abstraction: the meaning today

In these days of strict rules and special meanings do not. But this does not mean that it is impossible to say anything about the owner. At least you can determine their tastes and what style he prefers. After all, abstraction – things flexible and common everywhere, from ethnic ornaments to fiction and futurism.

Well, if you connect the psychology, you can learn quite a lot of interesting points:

  • If the colors are pastel and the lines are smooth and flowing, the person is soft, easily appeased, and harmless enough.
  • If the figure is angular, made in black or red color scheme, be careful. Perhaps you are dealing with an unstable and short-tempered personality. However, it may be only desire to seem so and in fact, people are sensitive and easily offended.
  • Religious or ethnic ornament – most likely a hint of stance, or Hobbies.
  • A lot of bright colors and complicated pattern can mean cheerfulness and a positive Outlook on the world.

Music abstract tattoo

The placement

Any. As already mentioned, the abstraction is the absence of any rules. So you can cover patterns through all the body, it will not Express anything, except the meaning that you yourself put into your tattoo.

But some of the most popular places still exist:

  • Hands and shoulders. It can begin with one small tattoo or “bracelet” and gradually transformed into a full sleeve.
  • Back. Just it is where to turn. In some cases, it is possible to meet works of art on his back, which is impossible not to admire. But this requires a lot of time and patience and effort of both the client and the master.
  • The bracelets around the arms, legs or neck. Men usually make them emphasize the size of the biceps and triceps, and women, on the contrary – their harmony, fragility, and grace.
  • The rump and lower back. A purely female option, which is in a hundred percent cases out of a hundred is perceived as a sexual call. Done with the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex. Of course, this is in a sense a stereotype, but perceive a tattoo in this place exactly. So lovely ladies is worth several times to think before to do it.

Ancient axe in the form of abstraction


The working tattoo artist in a beauty salon. Oddly enough, but my favorite genre is an abstraction. In any case, they are original, because all are different from each other, no two are the same. To develop sketches can be forever, it would be time and desire. It was a pleasure working with clients who carefully approach this and have lateral thinking. Many then did not once return to complete their tattoos interesting details. This is the most important thing is to keep the main theme and colors, and the pattern will come out sloppy, ugly and generally stupid. Therefore, if you are in the head came to a new idea, refer to the same tattoo artist. Different hands, with this task usually cannot cope or handle worse.

Beautiful red rose

Options image

So diverse that to list all would not be possible.

But, the maximum summarizing, we can distinguish the main types of ornaments:

  • Ethnic.
  • Religious.
  • Stylized some phenomenon of fashion (Gothic, romantic, steampunk and so on).
  • Imitation materials. These include bark of trees, metals, animal skins, leather and the like.

The meaning of this abstraction is known only to the owner of the tattoo


Fond of Scandinavian mythology and everything connected with it. So I decided that Celtic patterns on my shoulder will come in handy and will tell something about my hobby. Its decision is upheld, even the parents liked it, although they were initially against tattoos.

Nice fox

Abstraction and temporary tattoos

In fact, the main topic of a non-permanent tattoo. This can be explained by the fact that, in contrast to these, the tattoos change all the time. Therefore, the meaning of the images they sacred symbols or important life events is completely lost. And abstract patterns function as temporary “excellent”, namely entertainment and making the bright notes in everyday life.


Can’t decide what kind of tattoo to do. But attract me exactly the tattoo abstraction. Sketches of the sea, and all of them I like in their own way. And while I think and did not dare, comes to the aid of henna. Each month a new pattern in a new place. Probably never gonna go for real, I like variety, and I’m afraid of pain. So this option is best for me.