Tattoo on full body is a personal blast reality!

Full body tattoo

The human imagination is limitless! Probably, this fact has led to a unique tattoo on the full body. They are not only unusual but also a bit psychedelic.

Because they represented the diverse picture of the world, life, and just ethnic patterns. The history of these tattoos has its roots in the distant past. First I decided on them, only the priests, later in some countries they have become a symbol of the criminal world, and eventually – an interesting choice of geishas.

The modern history of tattoo all full the body

It is believed that after several decades the tattoos all over the body will be the most popular.

You know why? Because it’s really cool!

The body of the man from nature is beautiful, it is like a blank canvas for the artist, it draws a unique pattern. The most popular large tattoos are considered ethnic.

Thus, tribal tattoos are quite often applied to the whole body, and each trait had a certain designation. Today, in addition to these old patterns, the body covered with more and new developments.

One of the most popular trends in the world is “clogged” the whole body black. So, one girl decided to tattoo, which covers more than 80% of her body, with the pattern similar to the evening dress with interesting, unusual jewelry. Of course, not everyone can afford it and it looks a bit strange, but the tattoo attracts the eyes of passers-by.

Image the whole body is not only the drawings are individual expressions of the will of man. If just a small tattoo you can hide under clothing, huge in size pictures – impossible. A popular trend monochrome black color eliminates further possibilities to get rid of a tattoo.

Popular trends – good or bad?

Tattoos have always been subservient to them for fashion. Some of them capture a large part of the ideas of time, others restrained and remained unchanged.

Styles, which are usually created tattoos covering the full body:

  • ethnic;
  • blackwork.

Many years ago there was a tattoo ethnic design later, any style blackwork, after a time, they merged into one. Blackwork implies complete filling of the human skin with a black permanent.

And today he is in favor of almost everything covered in black paint, representing the ancient tribal pattern, the size of the human body. These pictures will certainly draw attention to their owners, plus they are fundamentally changing fate.