15 people who strongly regretted that they made a tattoo

Having a tattoo has recently become, if not a duty, then a fashion. But it’s a serious matter: removing a tattoo is much more difficult than applying it. And some tattoos can no longer be removed.

Sometimes you see a tattoo on a person and you think: “Why did he do it in the first place?”. A familiar feeling? If you have never experienced it, check out the examples from this collection: people show their unsuccessful tattoos and admit that it was a mistake.

1. “This is the hand of a child who holds dad’s finger, honestly!”

2. The Panther as it is

3. When you are a very hospitable host

4. The Smoker’s Tiger

5. And the same wolves

6. Why?

7. “Make me a tattoo with some inscription in Russian”

Translates as “diarrhea”

8. The wolf on this tattoo seems to be asking for help

9. The Battered Marilyn

10. Lover of flip-flops

11. It was originally supposed to be a knife in the heart and angel wings

12. I wanted a starry sky, but the implementation did not work out

13. Chips Lover

14. You are being followed

15. Tattoo with the image of a newborn baby

Which tattoo did you find particularly impressive?