100 best and most beautiful tattoos in the world

best tattoos

Tattoos in different periods of human history performed different functions and had many meanings. Note that the Great geographical discoveries, the tradition of decorating the body with tattoos were not. For the first time, the word “tattoo” in his report used Navigator James cook. So it was fixed to indicate the pattern on the body. In Polynesian and Indian tribes tattoos emphasized the special status in the society of leaders and shamans.

In Europe, the first who began to apply semantic tattoos were sailors, after communicating with the population of the Pacific Islands and South America. Although recent archaeological research confirms that tattoos on the European continent have been used before. Tattoos are actively used in the criminal world.

And in the youth environment act as a means of expression. Today we can talk about tattoos as a separate form of art. Under this angle and consider the most beautiful tattoos. With modern technique, some of them can rightly be put into works of art.

Let’s look at some interesting tattoos that deserve special attention. Also, the article can help you find the right ideas for a tattoo if you have not yet decided what to do a tattoo.